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Paisano Green Community - El Paso, TX

News link to this project: "Have You Heard the Buzz?"

The Paisano Senior Housing Community is Net Zero, LEED Platinum certified. It is located at 79905 East Paisano Drive, El Paso, Texas. The community includes five buildings consisting of 73 residential living units (most all of which are ADA compliant), laundry facilities, and support facilities. The buildings are connected by canopy wall alongside the west face of the property, providing protection from the sun and winds. As the first Net-Zero, LEED Platinum public housing community in the nation, Paisano features wind turbines, rooftop solar panels, air-source heat-pump water heaters, EnergyStar appliances, drought tolerant landscape, including strategically designed north and south facing windows and canopies for increased protection from excessive glare and solar heat gain. The community center and office are located on Paisano Drive at the north end of the property. 

Project Details
Location: 79905 East Paisano Drive, El Paso, TX
Type: Senior Housing
Units: 73
Heated Square footage: 55,202
Owner: Housing Authority of the City of El Paso
Architect: Workshop 8

The Paisano Green Community was constructed by Pavilion Construction.