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Villa Alegra "Green" Public Housing - Santa Fe, NM

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LEED Platinum Villa Alegre is a true "green" public housing community. In every phase of construction, from the ground up, environmentally preferred products, materials and construction methods were utilized wherever possible. The apartment complex sits on a previously developed land site with community resources within walking distance. The entire cavity of each apartment building incorporates high efficiency insulation; the roof, walls, and floors are all Green Guardian Certified. Each building's heat and cool air will be produced by geothermal ground source heat pumps and ideally 20% of all consumed electricity will be powered by Photovoltaic Solar (PV) panels. The appliances are all energy efficient to help conserve water and energy and reduce harmful green house emissions.

Pavilion Construction recognizes that LEED-certified buildings are not only designed to cut down operating costs, reduce waste sent to landfills, or conserve water and energy, but they are also designed to provide residents a safer and healthier place to live. Villa Alegre is one of the first LEED Platinum public housing units in New Mexico. Pavilion Construction is honored and humbled by the role it took on in the Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority’s (SFCHA) effort to construct healthier and more energy efficient homes in the state of New Mexico.

Project Details
Location: 851 & 871 West Alameda Street, Santa Fe, NM
Type: LEED Platinum Public Housing Community
Units: 111
Square footage: 49,440
Owner: Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority
Architect: Duty & Germana Architect

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The Villa Alegre public housing community was constructed by Pavilion Construction.